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    After elements of the offence have been examined by a Police officer, the next step will be to decide how to proceed. Not all matters will result in Court proceedings being issued. The officer should base their decision based on the guidelines set out in the NDORS (National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme).


    The Police will frequently offer driver retraining courses as an alternative to prosecution or a fixed penalty in less serious cases, one potential point of their reasoming may be the preferance to gain the fees payable on such courses (funds go to the issuing force) than prosecute through the courts (fees go to Home Office). 


    At the time of the offence, the police officer has several options;

    • Give you a warning and not issue further proceedings;
    • Issue a fixed penalty;
    • A fixed penalty with the offer of National Driver Offender Retraining;
    • Issue a Court Summons (to be dealt with by way of the Magistrates’ Court process); and
    • As above but with the offer of National Driver Offender Retraining.

    The offer has to be accepted at the time it is offered.

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