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Our Charity Programs

Lestons support the following charitable causes: -


Lestons Pro-Bono Fund

A percentage of our profits are deposited into the fund which pays for: -

  • Legal help for those in the most desperate need and who cannot afford our charges;

  • Attends DWP tribunal hearings to provide free one to one support for those self-representing themselves at disability tribunal appeal hearings;

  • Educational programs in schools;

  • Projects that help the communities in deprived areas; and

  • Funding projects run by registered charities or community groups, especially those dealing with community, inclusion, welfare rights etc.


Spalding Amateur Dramatics and Operatic Society

This registered charity is the oldest amateur theatre group in England and has been putting on shows since 1928. They help people of all ages to counter social problems like loneliness, bullying, social isolation and so on by including them in the production of shows and plays thereby building social inclusion and teamwork.

  • Provide the charities management board with professional fundraising experts so that the charity can maximize its chances of obtaining funds from major funders to build a new rehearsal and operational space (their current base is due to be demolished to make way for housing);

  • Sponsor a touring show to travel around schools putting on plays and shows that address issues such as bullying, discrimination, social inclusion etc.; and

  • Create a warehouse to store sets, props, costumes etc. which can be borrowed by schools and other charitable or non-for-profit theatre companies.


Muddy Boots

This is a major scheme that is set to purchase land to set out as a working allotment of raised vegetable beds and a smallholding for small animals used in the food industry. The site will be managed by a team of older volunteers and a team leader. The main aims are: -

  • To create a field-to-plate knowledge base so that children understand the aspects of the food industry and food origins;

  • To allow seniors to teach children about vegetables and animal management;

  • To create a summerhouse where the seniors can meet, chat and consume copious amounts of tea and biscuits – this will enable those with a gardening / horticultural interest to be able to socialize, this, in turn, helps combat loneliness and isolation; and

  • To work with schools to create an activity for those who struggle with the standard type of academic study.


I Did That

This project aims to purchase a medium-size industrial unit to convert into an automobile and motorcycle restoration and education hub where children who are struggling at school or who have special educational needs can learn a trade based in the motoring world. The restored vehicles will be shown at shows and so on, the aim is to empower them into working on a physical item and taking collective pride in the finished item. The project may work with seniors who will act as instructors and may expand into providing evening classes for mature students.

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