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    What is PIP?

    Personal Independence Payments (PIP) is a benefit available to individuals who have daily living (care) and/or mobility issues due to illness, mental health conditions or disability. It is not awarded based on the nature of your physical or mental health, but rather on the level of help, you need resulting from suffering that condition/s.


    Eligibility for PIP

    To be eligible for PIP, you must be between 16 and 65 years old, meet the residence and qualifying period conditions and pass the daily living or mobility test. You must pass all sections of the test to be eligible for PIP.

    Other eligibility requirements include:

    • Difficulty performing everyday tasks (due to a physical or mental condition) without help;
    • You must have experienced such difficulty for three months and expect the issue to continue for at least another nine months; and
    • You must be resident in the UK for at least two of the last three years and be in one of these countries when you apply.


    You may consider applying if you have trouble doing the following tasks on your own:

    • Preparing or eating food;
    • Washing, bathing, using the toilet;
    • Dressing and undressing;
    • Reading and communicating;
    • Managing your medicines or treatments;
    • Making decisions about money;
    • Engaging with other people; and
    • Moving around.


    Exceptions to Eligibility Requirements

    Members of the armed forces (and their close family members) need not meet the residency requirements. People with terminal illnesses are usually fast-tracked through the system for obvious reasons.


    What does PIP entitle you to?

    PIP comprises a daily living and mobility component, and payments are assessed based on the level of help required (as of Jan 2022) the rates are: -

    Daily Living Rate: £60 or £89.60 per week

    Mobility Rate: £23.70 or £62.55 per week


    Residence and presence criteria

    To meet this part of the test, applicants must live in Great Britain, have been in Great Britain for 104 weeks in the past 3 years, or intend to stay in the country and live permanently in the UK, Isle of Man, Ireland or the Channel Islands.


    PIP daily living and mobility test

    This test is based on how much (if any) help you require to perform common tasks, there are precise definitions that are used in the assessment process.

    • Daily living Component - this measures your ability to conduct daily living activities, such as preparing, eating, cooking, taking medication, washing and bathing.
    • Mobility Component - this measures your ability to plan and follow journeys and to move around.


    Scoring Criteria

    To qualify for PIP, you must score between 8-11 points out of 12 for the standard rate daily living component, and 8-11 points total for mobility activities. To get the enhanced rate you will require 12 points in either category.

    Mode of Payment

    PIP is typically paid every four weeks. After a successful claim, you will get a decision letter stating your first payment date.


    Changes that affect your PIP

    You are required to inform the DWP through its Enquiry Line if you experience any relevant changes in circumstance such as:

    • Change in personal details, e.g., name, address, registered GP;
    • Any change to your condition or the level of help you require;
    • You go into a hospital or care home;
    • You go abroad; or
    • You are imprisoned or detained.

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