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Immigration Detention Centres

Immigration Detention Centres

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    These centres are places of temporarily holding people subject to immigration control in custody when waiting for permission to enter or before deportation or removal from the country. Detention centres are not technically prisons, as there is no criminal procedure involved, only an administrative process. Detainees held under the Immigration Act 1971 and Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 or fall under Articles 2 of the European Convention on Human rights, as such they have a right to life, freedom from torture and family life.


    Detention centres have to adhere to government guidelines and rules set by Detention Service Orders in providing a safe and humane environment for detainees to facilitate a life close to as normal as possible. This includes the provision of food, accommodation, destitute clothing, a means of earning via paid activities as well as other stimulating activities. Detainees have access to forms that give them the right to challenge any breach of their aforementioned rights. These include Discrimination Incident Reporting Forms (DIRFs).

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