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    As more people work within the confines of their own homes, it is important that these employees are covered by insurance and a risk assessment completed. Most home insurance policies fully exclude assets related to business or professional purposes and any damage or loss may not be claimable. The other issue regarding personal injury insurance that is designed to cover you at work may not apply for home working. Employers must provide home-based workers suitable insurance for such situations whilst working from home.


    Other insurances that your employer may incorporate include: -

    • Medical Insurance;
    • Life Insurance;
    • Income Protection Insurance;
    • Absence, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance - In case you become unable to work; and
    • Public Liability Insurance - Needed if you are going to entertain clients in your home.


    Many business sectors do not face the same hazards. In the same way, many forms of insurance exist to cover these potential risks and offer compensation in the event of an accident. Service-based roles such as advisors (financial, legal, marketing, analysts) will typically have different forms of insurance to trades (building, carpentry, maintenance, engineers and electrical services). Your employer will have insurance tailored to fit their role.

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