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    What is adoption?

    Adoption refers to the legal transfer of parental rights from either the state or the child's birth family to a new family via a court order. Due to changing attitudes about adoption and trends of having children. The process is complex and is subject to strict laws about who is eligible to ensure that the child's welfare is looked after in a safe and secure home environment.


    How is adoption carried out in the UK?

    In the UK, adoption is carried out by local authorities, adoption agencies or registered adoption charities. However, it must be formalised by a court order to be legitimate. The process is intricate and involves many steps, but these agencies will guide potential parents through the process. Due to the complexity of the process, many prospective adopters are rejected by agencies, although many can drop out long before this happens officially. This rejection can be challenged by potential adopters who feel the decision is incorrect or unfair.


    Can I use private or international adoption?

    In the UK, private adoption is illegal and international adoption can hold many ramifications. Those considering international adoption are still required to go through a UK adoption agency and a UK court. It is recommended that you speak to a solicitor before pursuing international adoption, as prospective parents must ensure the adoption is carried out legally under UK law and the laws of the country the child is being adopted from.


    Why are children adopted

    People may wish to adopt a child for many reasons, for some they may choose it as a result of fertility or other health issues but for others, it will be their first choice for how to extend their family. Further, some do not wish to legally adopt but will foster children instead. This refers to an arrangement in which foster parents approved by the local authority will look after a child and share guardianship with the local authority without taking on full legal parenthood of the child.


    Many children who are adopted have been taken into care as a result of abuse or neglect and as a result, may suffer developmental delays and any other issues throughout their childhood. There are many children in care, however, most adopted children are under 4, with the average age of adoption being 3 years and 4 months. When adopting a child, age and trauma are some of the multitudes of factors that must be considered.

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