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Marriage and civil partnership

Marriage and civil partnership

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    The Equality Act dictates that you must not discriminate against an individual based on them being married or in a civil partnership. To be included in this you must either be legally married or in a civil partnership. 


    You do not have this characteristic if you are: 

    • Single;
    • Living with someone as a couple neither married nor civil partners;
    • Engaged to be married but not married; or
    • Divorced or a person whose civil partnership has been dissolved.


    What Does Discrimination Look Like

    Discrimination can take place in all sorts of ways. The Equality Act 2010 lists three separate ways this can occur in its Marriage and Civil Partnership section. 

    • Direct Discrimination occurs when someone treats you worse than a person in a similar situation due to your marriage or civil partnership. An example of this might be an employee refusing to take on its female employees when they hear that they’re married because they fear that they might soon need maternity leave. 
    • Indirect discrimination occurs when an organisation has a policy or particular culture of working that has adverse effects on people who are married or in a civil partnership. 


    Organisations are liable for indirect discrimination unless the organisation can illustrate that there’s a good reason for its use.

    • Victimisation: This is when an individual has lodged a complaint due to a workplace’s mistreatment and then is treated far worse for it. This also includes people who have helped support the lodging of a complaint. 


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