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    The A21 Campaign works hard to prevent modern slavery, aiming to abolish human trafficking. They recognise the cycle that often causes and attributes to human trafficking: Vulnerability; Exploitation; Re-Victimization.

    However, this cycle can be broken:

    • Vulnerability can be broken by reaching the vulnerable.
    • Exploitation can be broken by rescuing the exploited.
    • Re-Victimization can be broken by restoring previous victims.


    Their reach, rescue, and restore message teaches us how to prevent modern slavery.

    How you can reach people and lead people from vulnerability to safety

    • Influence the education curriculum, if you think assemblies about modern slavery should occur more regularly, write to your local school.
    • Read up on the Can You See Me? campaign.
    • Participate in the annual walk for freedom, this is a day of awareness where people gather across the globe and spread the message of human trafficking.


    How you can rescue people from exploitation and lead them to freedom

    • Serve on a 24/7 hotline and direct others to this service;
    • Become a child advocate for exploited youths needing extra support;
    • Provide further legal aid for all victims;
    • Volunteer to train people in countries where human trafficking is common; or
    • Be proactive in spotting and looking to protect victims or potential victims.


    How you can restore victims and prevent them from re-victimization

    • Help services providing support for survivors;
    • Provide emergency accommodation for victims;
    • Provide long-term accommodation for victims; and
    • Help survivors find their own homes after escaping from their exploitation.

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