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Sexual Abuse in adults

Sexual Abuse in adults

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    Sexual abuse in adults

    Adult sexual abuse can happen to any adult regardless of vulnerability, it is defined as any sexual activity without consent or forced consent (this includes instances where no physical contact has been made).


    Adult sexual abuse includes but isn’t limited to the following:

    • Sexual violence (Rape, date or attempted rape, sexual assault, groping, unwanted touching);
    • Sexual harassment;
    • Indecent exposure;
    • Voyeurism (gaining sexual pleasures from watching people naked or engaging in sexual acts);
    • Stalking;
    • Grooming;
    • Pornographic involvement without consent; or
    • Image-based abuse (revenge porn).

    Any activity of a sexual nature that can make an adult feel uncomfortable or intimidated could fall into the category of sexual abuse. 


    Sexual Exploitation 

    Where sexual abuse occurs in exchange for something e.g., food, drugs, shelter, money or protection it is called sexual exploitation. 


    Child sexual abuse

    Children are naturally more vulnerable than typical adults, and can often find it difficult to understand what is happening to them and may not even know they are being abused.


    Child sexual abuse would include: -

    • Persuading or forcing a child to watch or take part in sexual activities;
    • Encouraging a child to behave in sexually inappropriate ways;
    • Grooming;
    • Sharing or creating indecent images of children; and
    • Paying for the sexual services of a child.


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