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Spot the Signs

Spot the Signs

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    Slavery is more frequent than many perceive in modern society and often goes unnoticed. How can we spot the signs? What does slavery look like today? Slavery today looks like excessively quiet or secluded individuals. If someone often feels silenced, they may well be reluctant to interact with others. Be sure to examine the behaviour of those who often feel uncomfortable or unsafe around others.


    Slavery today also commonly means that those being exploited do not have any form of personal identification. If you are in a job where identification is needed but is “unavailable” then it may be worth pursuing why that is the case. If someone has few personal belongings it can indicate that they have arrived in a crowded boat from abroad and could not bring their possessions (including clothing) with them. Consider a polite discussion about clothing if you think this may be an issue, this may lead them to be comfortable enough to speak out.


    If people appear particularly frightened around any form of physical conduct or appear to be hiding bodily scars, they may well be showing signs of physical or psychological abuse. This is a sensitive topic and therefore is often hidden well, approach it carefully if you spot this as a potential issue for someone you know. It is also worth paying attention to anyone who often enters, or leaves work at unsociable times. This could mean that their labour is being exploited in their workplace or they are voluntarily working longer hours to escape domestic exploitation. Whatever the case may be, it is worth tracking their hour’s and trying to perhaps offer them alternatives to their current working situation.

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