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What is abuse?

What is abuse?

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    Abuse and exploitation can take various forms, such as:

    • Physical abuse;
    • Sexual abuse;
    • Psychological abuse;
    • Modern slavery;
    • Financial abuse;
    • Neglect;
    • Failure to protect from harm;
    • Domestic violence;
    • Discriminatory abuse; and
    • Organisational abuse.


    Adults can hide abuse out of fear, shame or embarrassment, but there are subtle changes that can indicate abuse. 

    Look out for the following

    • Physical injuries;
    • Burns or scolding;
    • Repeated injuries;
    • Pain in sitting, torn or bloody underwear;
    • Fear of being isolated;
    • Withdrawn or anxiety;
    • Sudden aggression;
    • Hunger or dehydration;
    • Decline in personal hygiene;
    • Self-harm;
    • Changes in communication;
    • Needing different levels of care;
    • Changes in self-care routine;
    • Anti-social behaviour;
    • Changes in financial condition; and
    • Missing possessions with no explanation

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